Florida Interior Design Regulation Under Attack on Two Fronts

In my previous post I noted a renewed effort by Florida’s Legislative branch to deregulate the Florida Registered Interior Design practice act. Now it appears that the Judicial side is heating up at the Supreme Court level.


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has trouble believing that this petition by the Institute for Justice merits the time and consideration of the highest court.  I have to admire the full court P.R. press that the IJ is putting on here. Sure are spreading our defense thin.

One response to “Florida Interior Design Regulation Under Attack on Two Fronts”

  1. a picture is worth a thousand words- your graphic is so apt to this egregious attempt at deregulation of our profession. Last I looked, most professions are the ones behind the goal of state regulation ( thereby becoming a self-regulated group), so therefore it it the professions right to their own free speech that regulates them. In a perverted way, part of me wants to see this move forward, and press on as a way to deregulate

    lawyers, doctors, and architects. After all, one can represent oneself if charged in a court of law; one can diagnose themselves of ailments; and one can build their own home (and even design it). Not saying that they won’t be found guilty, or die of cancer or have the whole house fall down thereby killing or maiming someone ( at which point they would need a doctor and a lawyer but maybe not an architect but an engineer)


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