The Interior Design Collaborative in Oregon is pushing hard for a bill that would regulate interior designers wishing to practice commercial interior design in Oregon http://www.idc-oregon.org/legislation.html

So the angry decorators and the NKBA are still pitching a hissy fit but their dogs ain’t in the hunt.  The old “let the public decide” and there is no need to protect the health and safety of the occupants of public commercial interior environments continues to sound more like whining than legitimate constitutional concerns.  The public is welcome to pick the person who can select the appropriate pillow tassels for their Ostrich skin Barco-Lounger but to say that the designers of public commercial spaces should not have to prove their competency to practice in such highly regulated, code governed environments is simply stupid.   

UPDATE 2/1/2012- More detail on the angry decorators and libertarian kitchen designers crusade to end all regulation-


However, PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is concerned that the commercial interior design tack that the IDC is taking is going to set a precedent across the country as other ID coalitions prepare to regulate on their turf.  Are we now a two class profession?

I also find it interesting that Ms. Snyder Carlson felt it necessary to toss out the IA analogy…….. “But Alicia Snyder-Carlson, president of the IDC, says the interior design market has shifted more toward the realm of interior architecture, which means commercial designers are making decisions that impact occupants’ safety.”

I understand that people say things under heat that upon further reflection may not have been in their, or their organization’s, best interest.  Let’s figure out the ramifications of distinguishing residential and commercial interior design before we make the leap to interior designers and interior architects please.


  1. […] that distinguishes “Commercial Interior Design” from “Interior Design” https://professionalinteriordesigner.com/2012/01/27/oregon-commercial-interior-designers-push-for-pra… Seems like a reasonable way to distinguish those that practice in code regulated environments vs. […]


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