1 + 1 = 1

That’s designer math for you.

So Interior Design Magazine stirred up the old “If ASID and IIDA were to merge as one organization, how supportive would you be?”

Ummm let me think about that for a nanosecond…….Duh!

Not sure where Interior Design mag is going with that survey (readers were asked to respond to idresearch@interiordesign.net ) but since the address is id”research” we can assume that they are simply researching the obvious…..is the sun warm?……….is oxygen a valuable resource?……would the profession of interior design be better off with one professional organization?

What get’s my goat is I really do not know what more is needed to make the case- this has been going on for years yet we still cow-tow to two organizations claiming to represent US. 

Here are just a few recent pleas for unification;




There is also an interesting discussion on the NCIDQ LinkedIn page about this subject;


There are some heavy hitters chiming in here in favor. Like I said what more can be said? The proverbial ball is in ASID and IIDA’s court as it has been for OH ABOUT 30 YEARS! (emphasis by author).  So you can ask “So PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER, you have not paid dues to either organization for 15 years what are you doing to help them understand the importance of this issue?” and I will respond “Exactly”.

Okay seriously here is my new mantra (I am offering this free to Interior Design Magazine BTW)

1 + 1 = 1

Designer math.

3 responses to “1 + 1 = 1”

  1. One or both is losing money so “they” are combining them – as a business! How about a Student Interior Designer Association – SIDA. Someone needs to put their foot down somewhere. Just ridiculous! Luv your goat!


  2. That was a goat? OMG, that is a creepy photo. Must have taken some research to find that one! Seriously, it is SO time to make this happen. I do pay dues, each year, to one only, with exasperation each time, holding my breath, hoping that they will come to their senses. At this rate, we will be dead and buried before they come to their senses. I was heartened to see the drumbeats from the press, as well as IDEC, keep the pressure on, maybe spring will bring fresh air to the subject. If it can happen in Egypt, it can happen here.


  3. cbirk
    “If it can happen in Egypt it can happen here”
    Albeit without the military back-door coup 😉
    And yes that is my goat….he had not had his coffee yet.


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