Looks likes the anti-ID regulation contingent out squeaked the pro-regulation contingent.



So the commercial Kitchen Consultants and the A.I.A. brought in their big guns.  All we have to do is remove their target folks….oh and we also have to learn how to squeak louder.


  1. The four major foodservice trade/professional associations are clients of the “new” IDPC, along with many of their corporate buying groups and individual businesses. You think that was a squeak? What ‘till you hear their roar! These are highly successful, well-established, extremely motivated businesses and professionals who have no intention of allowing a handful of architect wanna-be’s impact their rights and livielihood. When will the Cartel get it? The longer they pursue anti-competitive licensing/registration, the more opposition they get. They cannot dictate who can perform design services – not even commercial design as is their new agenda. How dense can they be? (Don’t answer that – it was a rhetorical question… we all know the answer.)
    ~Patti Morrow, IDPC


  2. Meow. Oh Okay your lobbyists can beat up our lobbyists…BFD. You are right about this being nothing but an issue of “competition”. What you claim as anti-competitive we still have yet to figure out how to force your hand on that issue so that those claims seem like nothing but wails from the school-yard playground….Mommy Mommy billy wont let me play on his team…wahhhhh. Shut up kid and grow some balls-life isn’t fair.

    We’ll give you the term “interior design”- you, your angry decorator friends and rabid libertarian cabinet makers can have it. Thanks for setting us straight on that one. Our fight is no longer with the angry decorators- it is with AIA and some commercial kitchen consultants- evidently. Unfortunately they have deeper pockets, smarter lobbyists and better PAC’s.


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