PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is forming an exploratory committee (can you have a committee of one?) to determine if there is sufficient interest in holding a STATE OF THE INTERIOR DESIGN PROFESSION summit at NEOCON 2013.

This summit meeting would be a broad overview of the current state of the profession as well as the future potential of a better informed profession.

Easier said than done- I know. But unless you have a better idea to reach out to as many like-minded professionals as NEOCON offers I have to try this.

So here are my thoughts at format and ground rules. The Summit will be a panel presentation from representatives of each aspect of the professional domains- Education, Experience, Examination and Regulation after which we will have a question and answer session. The Summit will not accept sponsorship from any of our professional organizations. It must be a forum free of party lines and special interests. We should be free to speak frankly and openly, both positively and negatively, without fear of retribution. I would however accept sponsorship and participation from our profession’s non-profit education and certification entities since they are most critical to us moving forward. We also would welcome participation by industry media.

We have to publicize this event beyond the walls of the Mart and the pages of our own media outlets. It’s time to stop preaching to the proverbial choir.

Now as far as who can attend……well that is a tough one. I am dubious we can restrict entrance to a certain segment of the “profession”. We could limit it to NCIDQ credential holders but students and those working toward the exam need to hear this as much as anybody. Therefore I am for a full and open meeting. We may have to hire bouncers. Anyway that is the kernel of my idea.

Anybody care to help make this happen?

The mark of a true professional is giving more than you get.
Robert Kirby


  1. Excellent idea! I would to help you execute this.


  2. Thanks Andrew. Any thoughts or connections you can offer will be helpful.
    I see NCIDQ/CIDA/IDEC as the official sponsors however, if they do not wish to participate then plan ‘B’ would be to go to Interiors & Sources or Contract Magazine.


    1. I am here in Chicago and willing to do whatever I can to make this happen. I am disappointed to see that we are the only ones engaged in discussion!


      1. Thanks As I said I am simply pitching the idea on this blog at this point. I know there is much more potential buy-in out there and will pursue that via other forms of social media soon. However to be clear I do not want this to be yet another time consuming facebook group or LinkedIn blog- this must result in face to face, eye to eye engagement. Whether we can come to any agreement or not remains to be seen but until that happens we can’t even agree to disagree. Thanks again for the support!

        P.S. Pass the word if you think it is a good idea.


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