Pitching a New Mantra….AGAIN.

Well it’s been about 2 years since I trotted out this proclamation and while there has been some positive movement toward this vision….we are still singing too many songs from too many hymnals.  It’s time to re-post;



ONE VOICE: We need to have one professional organization that is devoted to serving the best interests of vetted interior design professionals by continually raising the standards of professional status, advocating for our legal/political rights in a unified, cohesive manner, and promoting our unique value to society.  The old adage that there is strength in numbers does not count if we don’t have a clear direction.

ONE CREDENTIAL: We need a brand identity that clearly communicates our unique value to society and demands the respect that we all have earned.  And no this brand is not “Interior Design” nor are we merely “Interior Designers”.  Since anyone with a pulse can claim that title it does not make sense to try to make it our own unique brand- does it?

ONE MISSION: To allow us to compete as equals to, or independent of, other licensed design professionals.

What part of that is unclear?  Not a rhetorical question.

One response to “Pitching a New Mantra….AGAIN.”

  1. Some detail is necessary.
    We need one exam. Period. Got that California?

    We need to all buy into and understand the effort to regulate the profession. If you do not support the regulation of the profession as a means to practice as true licensed design professionals working within codes based construction environments then start your own damn profession or at least get out of the way of ours. And no California this does not mean create 50 different self regulating quasi-governmental boards with differing exams and standards- got it? (I know you don’t and you really don’t care but I needed to get that out there)

    We need to stop kowtowing to those that do not understand the true meaning of what it means to be a professional. It is not easy, it is not an innate right and it must be earned.

    We must realize that we actually have the power to improve people’s lives as they interact with the built environment. This is a unique and coveted skill. It is time that we honored that skill with some due respect.



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