In his current editorial Contract Magazine Editor John Czarnecki notes that he is heartened by what he sees as an upturn in cross discipline and cross organizational dialogue. 

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Kudos to Mr. Czarnecki for broaching such a sensitive (in my mind anyway) subject.  PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER will be the first to admit that he sees the professional glass as half full at best and at times leaking profusely.  However, I am willing, and in fact hope, to be proven wrong.

Around NEOCON each year there is a flurry of tepid,  cross or co-sponsored, events in which ASID and IIDA appear to be reading the same book if not the same page.  The events for students and the legislative affairs forum are certainly positive steps….baby steps but I have to commend the effort.

Evidently there is even some interaction between the AIA Interior Architecture Knowledge Committee and ASID…albeit mere attendance by ASID CEO Randy Fiser at an AIA IAKC committee meeting. Other than expressing a desire to be included in discussions with AIA leadership regarding being included in more discussions Mr. Czarnecki did not elaborate as to what Mr. Fiser took away from the meeting. Which Mr. Czarnecki failed to mention was a meeting with an organization that is currently plotting against ID regulation efforts (see my previous post https://professionalinteriordesigner.com/2012/06/08/interior-design-legislative-update/).  Kudos to Mr. Fiser for stepping into the lair of the two-faced dragon.  It will be interesting to note what comes of his duly noted request.

Evidently ASID CEO Fiser and IIDA CEO Cheryl Durst have been meeting as well which Czarnecki notes as “progress”.  Well Okay but talk only goes so far and let’s not forget there is a long history of such talking between the two organizations. Mr. Czarnecki also noted newly elected IIDA president Jim Williamson’s desire to communicate and even collaborate with ASID. Positive signs no doubt.  Mr. Czarnecki sums it up nicely

The landscape for communication in the design profession is stronger today than ever. Recent changes in leadership in related organizations and the reality that the recent recession has brought to both the interior design profession and architecture professions present a basic need to cooperate to do what is best for designers. I am heartened by this. The time for even greater collaboration is now”

Here here! Let’s escalate that challenge THE TIME FOR EVEN GREATER ACTION IS NOW!

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