ASID & IIDA Ponder Collaboration Efforts

ASID – IIDA Joint Fellows Roundtable with Susan S. Szenasy @ NeoCon 2012 from neoconwtf on Vimeo.

P.S. June 5th 2012- Ms. Szenasy does not advocate for an IIDA ASID merger. Seems like a missed opportunity to PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER.

 How can two seemingly similar yet very disparate organizations that both claim to represent the “profession” of interior design possibly deploy an effective public outreach campaign? They can’t.

How can two disparate organizations that both started as professional networking organizations with minimal, if any, public relations efforts possibly be effective advocates for the highest levels of the profession while catering to those segments of the profession who advocate for de-professionalization of  the same profession? They can’t. 

Talk is cheap folks.


  1. I liked her “essential issues and key ideas” which are for the two organizations to focus on education, body of knowledge, research and public outreach. NOTE SHE DIDN’T MENTION licensing at all…not as essential, key, not even worth mentioning! Take a hint ASID/IIDA. Work on what is important and worthwhile for the profession. If the public thinks you should be licensed because you are so dangerous, let them scream for it.


  2. Agreed!
    As to the licensing issue I lean toward a seperate entity that would do nothing but legally and politically advocate for those designers wishing to pursue licensure.


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