And There Was This One Time at Design Camp……………..

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has poked fun at the Design Camp folks before. I do admire their marketing and self promotion moxey and they are certainly free to promote their little business venture. Unfortunately when they make statements such as;

“The curriculum at Design Camp is on par with course work from any top interior design school. The biggest differences being, you’ll graduate in a few days, invest a lot less money and have much, much more fun!”

I have to wonder how ASID can allow their credential to be associated with such a blatant bar lowering statement.   

Unfortunately Ms. Dennis is free to tout her ASID credential as she pleases.

4 responses to “And There Was This One Time at Design Camp……………..”

  1. Why do you admire their marketing and self promotion moxey when it is directly connected to false advertising? At Design Camp a student will spend more time having cocktails (4 hours) than they will learning about space planning, finishes, kitchen and bath design and green design, combined.


  2. 4 hours of cocktails…..admirable in my book especially after a long hard day of intense ID education……


  3. “Design Camp is like the design internship I should have had. In two days, you learn more practical information than two years in college. And, I never had the industries finest teaching my courses either. We read about the very people standing here talking! Priceless.”

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


    1. This really is low hanging fruit for ASID to put its foot down- they can’t loose. The designers who practice a higher level of professionalism will respect them and the decorators who want to start their own design camps will appreciate the reduction in competition.

      Here is the preamble to the ASID code of ethics;

      “1.0 PREAMBLE
      Members of the American Society of Interior Designers are required to conduct their professional practice in a manner that will inspire the respect of clients, suppliers of goods and services to the profession and fellow professional designers, as well as the general public. It is the individual responsibility of every member of ASID to uphold this code and bylaws of the Society.”

      Is Ms. Dennis’ upholding the code and bylaws to the letter by promoting her business venture in this manner? Ethics Schmethics.


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