Sprucing Up the Prisons in Massachusetts

Yesterday Boston AM radio personality Michele McPhee had an absolute field day slamming Massachusetts interior designer’s efforts to pursue legislation allowing qualified interior designers to bid on state contract projects.

Seems harmless enough right?

If interested listen in at 3:01, 8:50, 12:15, 14:26, 16:40, & 18:25 the rest is political babble but the ID slams are worth listening to.

Unfortunately the ID legislation is part of Melissa’s Bill which is a highly contested and controversial bill so by default it is getting a lot of airplay and press.


Looks like Massachusetts interior designers may have hitched their legislative wagon to the wrong horse in the wrong race, state senator Cynthia Creem.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is not privy to all of the regulatory efforts in Massachusetts (they are also pursuing ID practice regulation) and the MIDC website is gone (are they still active?) but this is the public relations fallout that is all to common when we pursue regulation in a society that simply does not understand us much less appreciate our right to practice as peers with other licensed design professionals.

“But but PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER Michele McPhee does not know what she is talking about.”

I agree- the point is that she is talking and even if only three people are listening (which I highly doubt) then there are 3 people who will probably share their experience with their friends- and on and on.

2 responses to “Sprucing Up the Prisons in Massachusetts”

  1. MIDC is alive and kicking. http://www.supportmidc.org/
    The good news is Michele was poorly informed about the amendments location. It’s still alive.


  2. Hey Thanks for the follow up.
    Good Luck!


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