Outerior Designer?

Congratulations to Leslie Ezelle for beating my man Tom Vecchione (Gensler VP) in the HGTV’s latest homage to interior design- Design All Stars.


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER really doesn’t care what team you play for as long as you play fair and square and you give it 100%.  Does make for some interesting word play though.

Oh Tom….our plan to take over HGTV and make it our own P.R. platform will have to wait until the design pro’s at HGTV can conjur up another drama/angst filled game for you to shine in.  I can dream can’t I?

Okay all seriousness aside…I told myself I was not going to waste bytes lampooning HGTV’s latest effort to scuttle the profession of interior design but it’s been kind of slow in the PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER legal/political newsroom. So when the Shewired blurb came across the wire I had to push that big red button that stops all the presses…..Now you’re in the know too.

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