Let’s Talk Politics

My Momma (PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNERMOM) told me to never discuss politics or religion with strangers. Well momma doesn’t read my blog….and besides if you are reading this you and me….we’re kinda friends….maybe….aren’t we?  Fortunately the interior design profession’s identity crisis does not involve religion too- can you imagine that discussion?  I digress.

Anyone remotely knowledgable of the effort to validate interior design via regulation and legislation cannot deny that this particular model of public outreach is subject to the vagaries of the political winds.  Just ask the regulated interior designers in Florida and Virginia if politics plays into their validation efforts. Or ask the Texas interior designers whose title act seems to be up for Sunset deregulation every year….

The hardcore regulationists will argue that it is what it is and we must forge on despite the current legal skirmishes and state deregulation efforts. Well since late in 2008 that may have been a safe assumption….but later this year there may be a rude wake up call to those who invest so much time and effort in the legislative effort.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER may be wrong about the assumption that a Romney/Ryan presidency will empower deregulation and anti-regulation efforts but I am willing to take some bets.  Anybody game?……….Didn’t think so.

While this is in no way a tacit endorsement of any political party it is a warning to us (we’re all in it together) that having all of our public relations eggs in the legislative basket is just poor strategy.

Could be a very interesting 4 years.

One response to “Let’s Talk Politics”

  1. So will an Obama/Biden victory work in our favor? Does the fact I am even asking that question as it pertains to our professional identity crisis concern you? It should.


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