Several posts ago I pitched the idea of holding a “State of the Profession” meeting at this years NEOCON.  Well looks like ASID is beating me to it by holding their first “State of the Industry” press conference.

Looks like the conference was announced yesterday…and the only publication that picked it up was the Sacramento Bee…..Gotta love the Bee.

I wish I could drop everything and attend because we will only be told what Mr. Fiser wants us to hear and most likely the only press on the presentation will be through the filter of ASID…..unless of course the IIDA P.R. people attend…dressed in black London Fog raincoats, sunglasses and Fedora’s….nobody will notice.

Seriously, how can a State of the Industry presentation be given by only one half of “the industry”?

P.S. So is it an industry or a profession?  Hello?


2 responses to “ASID Beats PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER to the Punch-BAM!”

  1. Ugh… why must we have so many organizations? I really hope to see the IIDA there as well. The ASIDs view isn’t the one I’d like to see the media latch on to. Have the IIDA issued any statements on the matter?


  2. Good question.
    I don’t think IIDA thinks of itself as representing the “industry” but I could be wrong. But one has to wonder if their silence equates to tacit approval of ASID’s message or they simply don’t care.


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