Following on my previous post regarding Perkins + Will’s research effort. It looks like the University of Sydney and the Australian Green Building Council are taking indoor environmental quality seriously.

Just wondering what might happen to the general public’s perception of ID if one of our professional organizations were to promote such a venture.

Low hanging fruit people….low hanging fruit.

P.S. Wow the more I look at the U of Sydney IEQ effort;

I think;

WOW!  We could have a V8!

P.P.S. So there is some activity on this side of the globe but it does not seem as accessible or pertinent to design;


The U.S. NIBS is trying to address occupant productivity;

but they seem to be building performance focused….as in the productivity of the occupant is a direct result of the performance of the building- not sure I agree but then I ain’t no rocket surgeon.

Once again this is the realm of the interior designer. We should own this people!

Anybody want to bet who takes this issue public first?  The AIA?  The USGBC?  ASID and/or IIDA?

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