Establishing Interior Design Professionalism in the Philippines

The interior design news wires often include items from the Philippines.

Evidently professions in the Philippines are highly regulated- including interior design.  Now I get that this is a small country and the political/legal climate is far different than the U.S. but PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER admires the apparent transparency of the Filipino Professional Regulation Commission and its efforts to establish professional status and issue credentials.

I have not taken the PRC Interior Design Licensure Examination so I cannot attest to its rigor. None the less it appears that the culture in the Philippines is such that proving ones earned knowledge and skills is a badge of honor.  It seems to be the normal path and as of yet I have not seen any effort to impugn or de-professionalize the process. There does not seem to be an anti-interior design regulation backlash.

We could only hope to have this clarity and sense of value and purpose to our professional validation effort.  But then again we have choice..maybe they don’t.

Would make an interesting research project.







2 responses to “Establishing Interior Design Professionalism in the Philippines”

  1. Yes, we do have a choice. Professional interior designers lobbied for our existing interior design laws (Republic Act 8345 of 1998, now amended, Republic Act 10350 of 2012). We can only be thankful that there is no existing deregulation efforts. However, we are as of the moment, threatened by an introduction of civil engineers’ professional group lobby for a new “Building Law” which seems to bypass architects and interior designers as the qualified design professionals and consultants, and give them power to sign/seal design plans.

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