First it was Florida, then Virginia now Texas seems to be the latest battleground for the deregulation of Interior Design.  The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners Staff just issued a report recommending that Texas cease regulating that states registered interior designers….

From page #17 of the report;

Change in Statute
1.1 Discontinue the regulation of registered interior designers.
This recommendation would remove the title act for interior designers from statute. The State would no longer regulate the profession of interior design or interior design firms, and all regulatory functions related to this profession would cease on the effective date of the provision.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER notes this effort by Texas RID Beverly Vosko via her CHANGE.ORG petition;

Since the TBAS reviewers recommended that if the Texas RID regulations are sunsetted (read shit-canned) that the vacant seat on the licensing board be filled with a Landscape Architect….because they can specify soft playground materials to keep kids from hurting themselves….me thinks the review panel is a bit…..shall I say under the influence of the ASLA and AIA.  Not to mention that killing the RID regulation will mean an almost $1,000,000.00 hit to the state coffers.  Seems to make sense to just leave it as is- but what do I know?

More on this later. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER recommends that the Texas Association for Interior Design learn from the trials and tribulations of the deregulation efforts in Florida and Virginia…See my previous posts for contact info.

Don’t let the Sun go down on you!

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