What is Our Message?

Ran across this missed opportunity this morning. Given this recent interior design professional organization newsletter article advising it’s members to be more…ahem…professional when they are communicating with the press ( http://icon.asid.org/index.php/2013/03/08/designers-mind-your-language/ ) I read this Associated Press article in the Washington Post with interest;


Did the author heed the newsletter’s recommendations? Did a professional organization have anything to do with the article? Well after reading it I am not sure. The article quotes two “designers” who do not claim any professional credentials- but they do point out ASID as a source for “interior designers”. If ASID had nothing to do with the article then they probably should.  If they did somehow/someway approve the content of the article that references then they missed a great opportunity to provide a clearer distinction between a professional interior designer and an interior decorator.  Instead we get this half baked description;

“Training varies: An interior designer “typically has a bachelor’s degree in interior design, and in several states must be certified,” Davin says. They can collaborate easily with engineers, contractors and architects, and should have a full understanding of color, proportion and other elements of design.

A decorator “might be just someone who has a flair for decorating and wants to hang up a shingle,” Davin says, and it’s possible their style will fit perfectly with yours. But they probably won’t have as much training as a designer.”

Those of us who struggle with earning the respect of the public for providing services that protect their safety while creating healthy environments that enhance their well-being find this to be the usual mixed message further confusing the public and disrespecting our professional status.  We need to do better.  If ASID is going to be the face of my profession they need to get a better handle on the message.

Those of you that think I am an over reacting arrogant bloviator with nothing better to do than impugn the hard work of a lot of well-intentioned volunteers and low paid professional organization staffers…well…well I can’t change your mind so I guess that is what I am.  At least I was able to use the term “bloviator” in one of my posts.

P.S. 3/28/2013 Several other news outlets have picked up on the above AP missive;  It’s spreading like a bad virus..


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