Even I was unaware that the CID was in the business of “approving” interior design courses. Does this mean that graduates of the NYIAD can eventually become CID CID’s?  (for those of you not up with whole credential acronym thing that would be Certified Interior Decorator Certified Interior Designer)

Of course I am being overdrammatically facetious.

Place hand on head…continue scratching.

P.S. Why hasn’t the Certified Interior Decorators International sued the California Council for Interior Design Certification for trademark infringement? Must be a secret amongst the Cult of CID’s.


  1. Wow – Just Wow.
    Let’s start a new organization for Certified Interior Deviser’s and add to the alphabet soup. Us devisers need the benefits of organization too!

    I will leave you with this nugget of greatness from the CID website to wrap your brain around.

    “As NCIDQ and the professional associations IIDA, ASID, ICD and IDEC have been working to raise the bar for the interior design profession, other associations have been focusing on establishing credentials for the decoration industry. Any industry that decides to create guidelines and raise the professionalism of its industry deserves commendation and the decoration community deserves no less.

    Charlotte Jensen
    FASID Past President of the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ)”


  2. Note that they called it a community and not a profession..but that is not to say that they are not working toward making it one. As NCIDQ ups the ante for educational requirements to sit for the exam and the 2 year interior design programs are left in a lurch the decorators will come in to pick up the pieces. We just need to be careful they do not beat us to legislation….I have such nightmares.

    Most people are unaware that the Certified Interior Decorators International has trademark rights to the CID credential.


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