Can We Really Legislate or Define Our Way Out of This?

Kudos to Ms. Coryell for taking advantage of her right to promote her business. I don’t agree with her methods but I admire her entrepreneurial spirit.


One response to “Can We Really Legislate or Define Our Way Out of This?”

  1. The title “Certified Interior Designer” is service marked with the California Secretary of State by CCIDC and any attempt to usurp it in any surreptitious form in order to confuse the public and avoid the legally recognized process of obtaining the lawful title is a violation of the unfair business practices act, Section 17200 of the CBPC. She can sell her faux title in other states but not in California. I’m sure legal action will soon be forthcoming, if not from the AG’s office, then from CCIDC’s legal counsel.

    It’s always amazing to me that people think they can launch their own title that mimics one that is not only legally recognized in statute, but one that requires thousands of practitioners to spend years of education, tens of thousands of dollars, and rigorous examinations obtaining without blowback.

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