Self-Regulation is the Answer

Umm…Okay…But what is the question? Cue the broken record-

Those of us who reside and practice within the code regulated building design realm must have the courage to recognize that much of what we call “Interior Design”, and those that practice it, does not need to be regulated.  In fact there are many who do not want to be licensed even if we could muster the collective effort to achieve it. They are just fine working in mostly non-regulated residential environments.  Call them what you will but the law says that they are interior designers regardless of their background, education, training, or talent.  I respect that.

At the other end of the interior design spectrum there is a small contingent of interior designers that want to be recognized as licensed building design professionals so that they can practice as peers with, or independent of other licensed building design professionals.  We want to be licensed.   We are also interior designers.  Therein lies the problem.

Essentially we are fighting with ourselves.  Interior design is just too wide ranging for such a small segment to demand and be granted government oversight.

So the question du jour…..How do we regulate a profession that is simply too broad to merit regulation?

We self-regulate privately first….as something other than interior designers. Then when we earn the public’s trust and respect then, and only then, can we can successfully pursue government, or public, regulation.

I know this flies in the face of 50+ years of interior designers trying to distinguish themselves from interior designers. But if you read that sentence- then you understand the dilemma.

Yes it may mean going backwards a bit.  But I am convinced that if we do it right we can then come out in the future and take the profession several leaps forward.  Yes it will take time.  Got any other ideas?  No really I am open to suggestion……

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