PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has been so focused on Wisconsin’s effort to gain permitting privileges that I lost sight of the renewed deregulation effort in Florida.

First for those of you who are interested in such things here are the links to the bills mentioned;



The Wisconsin bill and the effort to get it through the Senate, relatively unopposed, is a great story and I hope to someday be able to describe that effort for other ID professionals and advocates to learn from.  Unfortunately as of 2/18 the Wisconsin bill was referred to Committee on Rules.  I am not a lobbyist, or policy maker, or a lawyer, or a even a relatively smart person for that matter…..but I know that sending a bill to committee at this point is not good.  I hope I am wrong.

The Florida bill is a continuation of that state’s governor (DeSantis) and his full court press to deregulate an entire spectrum of existing legislation particularly those professions (and occupations) that are perceived as onerous to gain employment (except law…Hmmm) and not a threat to public health and safety.  Long story if you are just pulling your head out of the political sands.

None the less Florida’s long standing, and oft targeted, Interior Design Practice Laws are currently being subject to the lathe of the licensure as impediment crowd.

As I write this (2/24/2020) many Florida design professionals and national ID legislative advocacy experts are working around the clock to salvage as much of Florida’s Registered Interior Design practice legislation as they possibly can.

I was hoping for a clear victory in Wisconsin and a graceful exit from the scrutiny of the deregulationists in Florida but that is not the case.

Stay tuned.



  1. ASID, with the support and partnership of IIDA and unaffiliated designers, had a very successful state legislative season. ASID assisted in passing a procurement rights bills in Utah and Texas, expanded practice rights in Georgia, defeated a sales tax on interior design services in Rhode Island, and defeated efforts to deregulate interior design in Iowa and Florida. These victories would not be possible without member-advocates supporting our work.


    1. Well I know about Florida and I would not say that the law to deregulate interior design there was “defeated”. In fact the ability of Registered Interior Designers in Florida to practice independently of licensed architects, for work that they are fully qualified to perform, has been greatly diminished. It was not defeated. It passed. Let’s not get carried away.
      As for Iowa I thought that was 2019 and their dereg bill died in committee. I cannot find any evidence that Georgia’s practice rights were “expanded” in the past year, or “legislative season” as you call it. If you can expand upon that one I would appreciate it.


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