How To Become An Interior Designer

Well I tried not to take this particular “How To” too seriously but I just could not let it pass.

Let me just say that if you found this page by searching “How to Become An Interior Designer” then please disregard this page and the We Heart link please find other more reliable resources.

Those that follow my diatribes on title confusion and also understand my acerbic perspective on said title confusion will understand. Any site that promotes a profession such as Journalism or Interior Design without mentioning obtaining an actual education is suspect out of the gate. But we all know that everything on the internet is true….right?

I will concede that We Heart probably does not have a wide audience but now it is out there…..lurking and waiting for a chance to influence an unsuspecting prospective interior designer and adding to the obfuscation muck that is our professional identity.

Speaking of not needing an education to become an Interior Designer I was disappointed to hear San Francisco interior decorator Jonathan Rachman claim that most interior decorators interior designers never went to design school (3:16)

Now Mr. Rachman is certainly free to express his opinion on the value of design education and I acknowledge that he has created quite a successful decoration and retail business just from gut feel. But his opinion was heard on a morning TV show in the nation’s 7th largest TV market and is now out there…..for all to hear and ponder.

My point is that one part of the interior design profession wants it to be this;

while other “interior designers” claim that all you need to do is trust your gut.


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