Interior Designer Turned Hero Turned Interior Decorator

I am sure you have heard about the airplane passenger who safely landed his plane after the pilot passed out. If not you should see this

Apart from being a mind blowing story of courage and perseverance, with a strong dose of self-preservation, I found it interesting that the hero passenger, turned pilot, is actually an interior designer. Clear evidence that design thinking, or spontaneous problem solving, is a valuable skillset. Or at least that was the perception on this Today show report on the incident. What really got to me though, as I watched this report during my usual workday morning ritual, is that the terms ‘Interior Designer” and “Interior Decorator” were used so interchangeably by the hosts.

Watch this clip and note that at 3:15 he was an interior designer and at 3:48 he was a decorator.

Why should you care?

Well given this is prime national network news, the fact that the hosts do not understand the difference indicates to me that interior design and interior decoration are inexorably linked in way that those who do understand and care about the difference are waging an unwinnable battle.

But then what do I know?

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