The State (or Territory) of the Interior Design Profession 2022
PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has been laying low the past couple of years. With all of the craziness going on in our world sniveling about interior decorators wanting to be interior designers and interior designers playing interior architects just did not seem that important. It still isn’t I guess. But I am not here to snivel or gripe….well maybe just a tad. I bring you the above Interior Design legislative map for North America…er ah Nor’ ‘Merica. Kudos to CIDQ for creating a graphically concise depiction of the many flavors of interior design practice. Distilling this down to 7 types of regulation is a major accomplishment. It must also be said here that ASID, IIDA and CIDQ continue to invest lots of money, time, effort and intellectual capital into advocacy efforts which have resulted in scoring practice rights/permitting privileges for North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Illinois. It seems the interior decorator contingent has settled down now that they can claim to be interior designers, and the Architects have also stood down on their combative efforts toward Interior Design regulation. The profession’s advocates have also deftly sidestepped the anti-regulation/anti-licensure movement. Pitching it as a minority female right to work free of Architects oversight seems to striking the right chord. These subtle shifts did not happen organically. There has been an inordinate amount of behind the curtains efforts by many dedicated interior design advocates to push these policy and message shifts up the political/regulatory hill. We all owe them a debt of professional gratitude. So in this relative calm ASID/IIDA/CIDQ Advocacy efforts seem to be proceeding on a more proactive footing. In regard to the aforementioned North Carolina, Wisconsin and Illinois permitting regulation, all 3 advanced vis-a-vis their state’s title act. Previously PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER protested that title acts were not worth the sheepskin they were scribed on. I will admit to hanging off base a bit on that one but only if there is some future phase to current ID regulatory efforts that will move these acts to full practice legislation. Full practice legislation being equal footing with Registered Architects and Professional Engineers. Of course if that happens it will be long after I return to stardust. In the meanwhile, and assuming there is no global warming fueled rising of some long inert bacteria to zombify humanity, I will continue to snivel about titles, labels, laws or lack thereof (California are you reading this?), credentials and subsequent drama in the interior design profession. Stay safe out there.

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