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(Revised February 2011) First and foremost this blog is not about me. This blog is not about pretty pictures or what I think is cool. It is not your typical “interior design” blog.  It is about how the profession of “interior design” is defined, promoted and perceived.  There is a struggle going on for the heart and soul of what most people know as “interior design”.  Some feel that government regulation is the best model to advance the profession of interior design.  Truth be known-

 I support ID regulation that does not infringe upon the rights of innately qualified interior designers to continue to practice interior design. I support ID regulation that allows qualified professionals to practice independently in code based construction environments.

HOWEVER,  I do not support the effort to legislate the practice of Interior Design as a public relations campaign. 

Which unfortunately is how many of my peers see the effort to regulate the practice of ID.  I also support, and will defend to the death, our collective effort to educate, train and examine those who choose to pursue status as  NCIDQ certified Interior Design professionals.  I also will NOT work to negate any legislative/regulatory effort that specifically and clearly advances the NCIDQ certified interior design professional. I will do what I can to call out those legislative efforts that infringe upon the rights of individuals to call themselves “interior designers” and their work “interior design.


Change is inevitable. Individuals change, organizations change and professional societies change. We as a profession can choose to advance our collective position within society or we can choose to remain mired in the occupational void between interior decoration and interior design. Unfortunately there are some whose main purpose in life is to de-professionalize interior design.  To the opponents of change the choice of others to raise the bar of professional standard by establishing a clear professional path for “certified” interior designers is a threat. Their efforts, much to the chagrin of the pro-regulation proponents, have resulted in rolling back much of the progress made to date.  While I do not support the pro-legislative effort for many reasons I refuse to let the anti-regulation proponents continue to malign my chosen profession and diminish its potential. Many of my peers hope that ignoring them will force them to disappear.  Others believe we can use facts and figures presented in a “professional” and polite discourse to counter their platform.  Not me.

The scrum for the term interior designer and the practice of interior design is over.  The 1st ammendment won.  The ID regulatory effort is evolving to focus less on defining interior design and more on professional and practice rights for those who have chosen to raise the bar of professional standards. I support that.

This blog is an open forum for anybody that is interested in the profession of Interior Design and it’s advancement or not. In particular it is about the public perception of the profession of interior design and how we as a profession are endeavoring to rectify that perception.  Unfortunately pictures of cool objects and cozy spaces are a lot funner but as long as we avoid the difficult issues facing us we will not be able to earn the respect of our design peers and society in general. I love my chosen professions (design practice and design education) and I AM MAD AS HELL AT THE INTERIOR DESIGN STEREOTYPE AND I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE.

This blog is my personal platform. It is not aligned with any professional organization, school, political party or religion. I do not accept advertising fees nor do I charge for my findings and opinions.  I am beholden to no one.

Feel free to post any thoughts as long as the are pertinent. THANKS


Here is a great panel discussion on many of the issues important to the profession:


2 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. You go! Thank you for dealing with this, it’s a mess and I support you. But you are right, we have to move on…and continue to be professionals and whether the world wants to accept that or not is their choice. I will carry that banner with you my friend!

  2. Wow…THANK YOU for starting this blog!! My first position as a graduate of interior design was validated by the architects I worked for, however, 28 years later I’m still confronted with the lack of knowledge on what it means to be a NCIDQ certified designer.

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