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Looks like the anti-regulationists in Missouri have targeted Interior Design and its usual license allies, Barbers and Cosmetologists.  Missouri HB 590 was introduced to appease the neo-cons by clarifying that anybody can do interior design and cut hair as long as they do not hold themselves out as a “registered” interior designer or “licensed” barber or cosmetologist.

This makes the distinction between an interior designer and a registered interior designer razor sharp. Seems like splitting hairs….maybe that is why we are usually lumped in with barbers and stylists…..(sarcastic pun intended).

Being registered will only come into play if Missouri can work its way into a full practice act or use the title “registered” to their advantage in the permit process. Otherwise the distinction is merely semantic and at best a means to distinguish oneself from those that are un-“registered”. Good Luck with that.

I have not read Missouri’s Registered Interior Design act but if it is written to allow ‘Interior Designers” to be “Interior Designers” and practice “Interior Design”, as it should be, then HB590 is simply a reiteration to appease the anti-regulationists who maintain that anybody can do interior design whenever they want. Just don’t call yourself registered unless you actually are registered.

Got it?

You Don’t Know Jack

Is Jack an interior designer?

Of course he is.  It has been awhile since PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER posted a press item regarding interior design’s conflicted identity.  While this one is merely a local St. Louis blogger, doing what bloggers do (whatever that is), and not the New York Times, it is oh so typical of articles that come across my monitor on a daily basis.

When I read these things it makes me wonder.  Will wielding a license really overcome this misperception?  I doubt it….not in my lifetime hell at this rate I won’t even rate an obituary.

Apathy May Be Our Worst Enemy

Our friends at the IDPC note that only 97 designers have registered in the State of Missouri hence the governor (or one of his decorator henchwomen) wants to repeal the Missouri Interior Design Title act.

Seems like a potential colossal waste of time to implement legislation and then not have the critical mass of participation to empower the state’s design professionals. I can only assume that ASID and IIDA are on alert.