Sprucing Up the Prisons in Massachusetts

Yesterday Boston AM radio personality Michele McPhee had an absolute field day slamming Massachusetts interior designer’s efforts to pursue legislation allowing qualified interior designers to bid on state contract projects.

Seems harmless enough right?

If interested listen in at 3:01, 8:50, 12:15, 14:26, 16:40, & 18:25 the rest is political babble but the ID slams are worth listening to.

Unfortunately the ID legislation is part of Melissa’s Bill which is a highly contested and controversial bill so by default it is getting a lot of airplay and press.


Turning Grapes Into Whine

In response to the Massachusetts Interior Design Coalition’s (http://www.supportmidc.org/) effort to implement a title act in their state (http://www.malegislature.gov/Bills/187/Senate/S00093) there is a new whine being brewed in the birthplace of Liberty. The MIDC has been careful to craft their bill so that there could be no infringement on anybody who wishes to practice interior design……ANYBODY. […]