Minnesota now becomes the front line for the push to legally recognize qualified interior designers to be licensed to practice as peers with, or independent of, other licensed design professionals in that state. Minnesota is fortunate that it is the symbolic home base to the pro regulation effort. Unfortunately for them the Institute for Justice also has a branch office in that state. The pro’s and the con’s for ID regulation recently met and pitched their platforms to those so interested in a hearing in St. Paul.

If you are at all interested in this debate please fast forward the video to 1:00:40 and enjoy the show.



Like calling a tissue Kleenex, regardless of who made it, interior design will always be inexorably linked to interior decoration and all of its drama, divas and stereotypes. Interior design was cleaved from the bosom of interior decoration- we are forever genetically linked- hard as we try to monkey with the gene pool.

I firmly believe that this identity confusion remains the motivation behind the licensing of interior design (other than those who truly wish to sign and seal permit docs). Wielding a license somehow provides us with a sense of validation. In the dearth of an accurate and common public identity that honors our efforts to raise the standards of our profession a license is all we have- unfortunately.

Minnesota Practice Act Legislation Tabled

Well this is unfortunate.  I was unaware that the hearing was scheduled so soon. Please check out the list of those that supposedly attended in opposition. Also please consider the source but it is interesting that the NKBA and AIA were opposed. http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs060/1102107213116/archive/1103129436063.html Props to Caren Martin and the U of M folks for their […]