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But there is hope:


According to Martin Lawrence Bullard;

“Comfort is the hottest trend in home furnishings,”

Which of course means that the focus of the previous 10,000 years of trends was to have uncomfortable home furnishings.  Brilliant…simply brilliant.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER Ranks 26th on Hollywood Reporters List of 25 Most Influential Interior Designers!

Dang! Maybe next year.

Well Double Dang….if all the Hollywood stars become interior designers, because they can, then PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER does not stand a chance of making this list…….Wah!

Guess I am going to have to DABBLE at becoming a Hollywood Star……oooh oooh I wish upon a star……..


FILM AT 11:00

An ottoman with “durable faux snakeskin”…whoda thunk that would tie the whole room together?  Tell me more…………………

....and this just in……

Portland pillows gain enough power to overtake local residence………stay tuned for updates!

With tongue firmly planted in his cheek PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER  scours the wires for interior design news that you can use to help convince your fellow citizens that we really are worthy of professional status and respect.

Design Star or Design Scourge

 We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Analysis of Interior Design Regulation To Bring You This Important Announcement!

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER told himself not to continue punishing his hyper-sensitive identity complex by subjecting himself to another season of HGTV’s Design Star series. But lo I cannot avoid it. The HGTV juggernaut is omniscient- it is like being forced, with eyes propped open, to watch a slow motion train/school bus collision. The promotion of the series and its impact on the profession of interior design is unavoidable and in my not so humble opinion……devastating.

If you are a professionally educated and/or trained interior designer who has vetted your knowledge and skillset via examination, continuing education and a commitment to ethical business practices you know what I am talking about. If however, you consider yourself an innately qualified interior designer who dresses professionally and has a flair for self-promotion and fashion but has no other validation of competency then you probably think I am an arrogant poop shoot.  So be it.

I have ranted incessantly about the public’s perception of “interior design” and their subsequent level of respect and appreciation for our value to society. Many of us endeavor to distinguish ourselves from the publicity seekers and drama queens by clinging to acronyms such as “RID”, “CID” “NCIDQ® Certificate Number 000000”. Surely the public must understand and respect those credentials. But many professional designers do not fully understand the litany of abbreviations and letters posing as credentials- how can we expect armchair home improvement enthusiasts (A.K.A. “general public”) to grasp the nuances? Well we can’t and we have to stop wasting our time trying to change the paradigm.

In order to avoid the incessant stereotyping some of us have even created our own terms such as “interior workplace strategist”, “interior environmental designer”, and the inevitable “interior architect”. But ultimately we are still “interior designers” and we are subject, by default, to all of its misperceptions. Unfortunately, until we demand better of our professional organizations, even with their limited resources, and apply some out of the box strategic public relations effort we will forever be judged by whomever, or whatever, has the broadest impact on our chosen profession. Take a guess what that might be.

Gotta go buy some Orville Redenbacher Smart Pop (I am watching my girlish figure don’t ya know) and get my snuggie ready. It’s going to be a great season of Design Star.

P.S. If you missed the casting call for this seasons’s Design Star fret not! You should try this one….AaaaaaaaRrrrrrrrrrrrrGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhhhh!


Have Pillow Will Design

“Now the former fashion designer has put his new role as an interior designer into Yastik (which means “pillow” in Turkish), a chic boutique on Holland Street in the Kensington area of London.”

From the New York Times;

Again I do not have a problem with anybody using the term “interior designer”.  What we (those who have earned the title) have to do is really decide if it is worthwhile to redefine it………me thinks not.

Apparently our identity crisis is global- And we wonder why we get no respect.

Our Image Problem is Resolved!!!!!

Fans of Desperate Housewives will now have a better appreciation of “interior design” …..NOT!×07-humilating-business-pics-recap/

My work here is done.


Kudos to Ms. Fairley. I wish I had thought of it.

Another example of “Interior Design” being portrayed as a hobby cloaked in a social event masquerading as a shopping trip.  But hey at least they are “green”