In Defense of Interior Decoration?   On the surface the above blog post ruffled my PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER feathers….Mr. Stolman clearly blurs the line between interior decoration and Interior Design which is a particular sore point with moi……..but. While I appreciate Mr. Stolman’s impassioned plea for relevance I wonder if interior decoration just might wither away.  Maybe interior decoration will become […]

Interior Design Dabble Psycho Babble


We have to figure out a way to separate the professionals from those who merely dabble. I have students paying dearly for the right to practice as “interior designers”. This is an insult to them, current practicing professionals and it continues to taint the future of the profession.

Cue “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC


Thanks to HGTV interior design will forever (well our lifetime’s at least) be defined as the ability of overly dramatic creative people to take a white box, or poorly decorated room, and to turn it into something all together different in an unreasonable time frame with very limited funds. Here the Washington Post has been promoting the DIY makeover via this popular (read the comments) ongoing feature;

This unfortunately is what many HGTV fans and DIY decorators across the land think of when they hear the term “interior design” or “interior designer”. Here is an example of the same white box syndrome being used as a marketing tool by a Maryland based residential designer;

The question I keep asking myself as I scroll through image after image of before and after white box (and a few green box) make-overs is “Is this really interior design”?

And the answer I keep coming back with is “Yes”! Can the designer, who apparently has no credentials or professional affiliations, call herself an interior designer? Much to the chagrin of many who have endeavored to prove their professional interior design status via education/experience/examination and legislation the answer is “YES”.

I know we want to be respected for doing more than simply making a room “cozy”. I don’t have the answer….well yes I do….read my 250 previous posts….but as long as we sit back and let others define our profession we need to accept it.

Rant over. Peace Out


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER must admit a fascination with the AMC show Mad Men. It is just too good. So when I learned that the actor who played Sal Romano was in town promoting himself as an interior designer my interest was piqued….a bit…Okay a lot…..I tore apart the paper to get to the usually hidden House and Home section.

Turns out Bryan Batt is multi-talented. He is an accomplished actor, a respected author, a successful retailer and of course an interior designer. Why? Because he can be- even in Louisiana which is one of 3 states that licenses the practice of interior design. Guess as long as your mother and grandmother were stylish the title is a birthright.

I am not mad….jealous maybe….amused….heck yeah.

Re-designing The Design Show House Event

It’s that time of year again. Many “designers” participate in their local, usually annual, design show house event. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has lamented on this aspect of our professional public relations effort before. Not to sound like a broken record but each spring the press is literally flooded with pronouncements and advertising promoting the local show house. It is without a doubt one of the profession’s best opportunities to convey its true value to society.

Unfortunately what are usually touted as “designer” show houses with many local prominent “interior designers” showcasing their best, or state of the art “interior design”, are nothing but a mélange of disparate furniture showroom vignettes. Basically the designers, or decorators, are simply throwing paint on the walls, carpet on floors, drapes on the windows and furniture in the space they have been allotted. All venues for these houses are huge mansions that only the 1%’ers could afford so who better to fill all of these rooms?

This is what the public thinks we do. That is sad on so many levels.

California Puts The Brakes on Interior Design Practice Act

Yesterday California Assembly Bill 2482 which would have established a registered interior design practice act was suspended in the Assembly Committee on Business, Professions, and Consumers evidently as a courtesy to allow the bill sponsor, Assemblywoman Fiona Ma a chance to amend and edit the bill to address concerns raised by those opposed to such a bill. Basically the supporters of AB2482 raised the white flag rather than push the bill forward in the face of stronger opposition.

Why should we care?

Good question. My simple answer is because California is the most populous state in the Union and has the most interior designers particularly if you include the innately qualified like this- and what happens in California does not stay in California.

Unfortunately the interior design profession in California is literally an island