Design Star or Design Scourge

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER told himself not to continue punishing his hyper-sensitive identity complex by subjecting himself to another season of HGTV’s Design Star series. But lo I cannot avoid it. The HGTV juggernaut is omniscient- it is like being forced, with eyes propped open, to watch a slow motion train/school bus collision. The promotion of the series and its impact on the profession of interior design is unavoidable and in my not so humble opinion……devastating.

“Interior Design”- Stick a Fork In It – I Think It’s Done!

We have to understand that interior design is what it is (many things to many people) and we are not going to change it. Interior Design, as society knows it (and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard practices it), has been around for about 100 years +/-. As a professional domain it is about 50 +/- years old. Is it the interior design we know? No. Is it the interior design we wish society understood? No. Unfortunately too many of my peers are convinced that we can change that paradigm by using regulation to force the issue. That is where I disagree with those blindly devoted to licensure.
Those of us who have invested time and effort into a deeper understanding of the power of design, its impact on HS&W not to mention the environment and the physiological/psychological wellbeing of the users of interior space have got to understand that we are in fact different. NOT BETTER, but different. Different knowledge, different skills, different values.

An About Face About Me?

If you want to call yourselves interior designers please be our guest. If you want to call your effort interior design you are guaranteed that right by the constitution. Please go on your merry way and decorate the living hell out of your world. But recognize that you make that choice and to malign, impugn, denigrate or otherwise bitch and moan about our effort to raise the standards of “certified” or “registered” interior design is nothing but sour grapes. And frankly I enjoy pointing those envious tantrums out. You really need to take your interior designer mantle and put some faux antique never to be read leather bound books between some faux alabaster bookends on it, charge your unknowing client twice list cost, and just go away (I know you won’t…if you did this would not be ½ as fun).

Dear Venus,

Venus Williams is also an entrepreneur, holding a degree in fashion design from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida. She launched her clothing line, EleVen, in 2007, and said she also has interest in commercial interior design. They’re not her main priority yet, though.