Re-designing The Design Show House Event

It’s that time of year again. Many “designers” participate in their local, usually annual, design show house event. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has lamented on this aspect of our professional public relations effort before. Not to sound like a broken record but each spring the press is literally flooded with pronouncements and advertising promoting the local show house. It is without a doubt one of the profession’s best opportunities to convey its true value to society.

Unfortunately what are usually touted as “designer” show houses with many local prominent “interior designers” showcasing their best, or state of the art “interior design”, are nothing but a mélange of disparate furniture showroom vignettes. Basically the designers, or decorators, are simply throwing paint on the walls, carpet on floors, drapes on the windows and furniture in the space they have been allotted. All venues for these houses are huge mansions that only the 1%’ers could afford so who better to fill all of these rooms?

This is what the public thinks we do. That is sad on so many levels.

Design Star or Design Scourge

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER told himself not to continue punishing his hyper-sensitive identity complex by subjecting himself to another season of HGTV’s Design Star series. But lo I cannot avoid it. The HGTV juggernaut is omniscient- it is like being forced, with eyes propped open, to watch a slow motion train/school bus collision. The promotion of the series and its impact on the profession of interior design is unavoidable and in my not so humble opinion……devastating.


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER believes this is another point of distinction between those who simply care about how things look vs. those who are concerned with how long things last, where they came from, where they are going and whether they are an essential component of an interior environment that actually improves people’s lives and/or livelihoods. That’s why PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNERS favorite color is clear!
No wonder people do not take us seriously.