Our 15 minutes is about up……..

Apparently the Institute for Justice’s challenge of the Florida Interior Design Practice Act will come down to a 15 minute oral argument;Why I have to hear about this from the Institute for Justice is beyond me. That this is not on the forefront of every NCIDQ, ASID, IIDA, CIDA, IDEC homepage and is not being discussed in detail in the many trade magazines that feed off our profession is further beyond my limited mental capacity to comprehend. What the hell is going on here?
PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is not a supporter of ID regulation in it’s current form. BUT I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ALL OF THIS VALUABLE EFFORT GO TO WASTE! Good grief people our professional identity crisis is difficult enough. Do we really want it to get worse?

For Every ID Regulation Action;

Furthermore this focus on limited permitting rights opens up a larger can of professional liability worms that PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER believes that the entire professional domain does not fully understand, and if they do, they may not fully support the effort. It seems like an awful lot of effort to eeek out a very small scope of business that will benefit only those that care to practice commercial interior design independent of, and at the alienation of, our allied design professions.

Ahhh Interior Design Regulation

I don’t know what Louisiana’s ID regulation renewal cycle is but if it comes up under Gov. Jindal’s watch you can expect the IJ/IDPC will the first ones on his door step demanding rescission of that state’s ID practice regulation. Given the debacle with floral arrangers, and now casket makers, (of which we are evidently de facto brethren) you can expect lot’s more of these wacky comparisons. While on the outside regulating the practice of Interior Design seems like a reasonable thing the more you drill down to sort out the definitions, roles and responsibilities the murkier the whole idea becomes.