Interior Designers Do the Darndest Things!

Anybody who has read the depositions in the Florida lawsuit knows that one strategic ace card that the Institute for Justice is playing is that “Grandfathering” is inherently in conflict with the intent of interior design licensing. It does not make sense and it opens up a big ole’ can of legal worms that makes any effort to legislate the title or the act of interior design all the more difficult……….Why do we do this?

We Don’t Need Know Edgukashun…….. I don’t get the point of this tirade. The desire to increase one’s stature and status within an ever increasingly complex society is simply natural. We do this by organizing, sharing and increasing our body of knowledge, instilling ethical practices and providing a unique benefit to society.  To impugn this natural proclivity for self […]


But, but, I thought we were victorious in Florida……………..  Well it seems the angry decorators will not be satisfied until they completely de-professionalize the profession as we (the NCIDQ trained & certified segment of the profession) have endeavored for 35+ years to define it.  What is driving these people? That is not a rhetorical question….in order defend our […]

Where is Rodney King When You Need Him?

“People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?”                                                          Rodney King, May 1, 1992 Just in case you think the anti-regulation effort is fronted by angry disenfranchised interior decorators you need to understand that they are merely gnats on our professional backside….especially troubling is that shrill high pitched buzzing noise they make […]