Hey Farooq…..Maybe it’s Time to Change Your Business Model


Maybe, just maybe, if you considered Interior Design as valuable service and not a free hook to lure in the occasional big sale your staff might earn a bit more respect and increase their sales, and your profit, via ethical business practices.

But what do I know?


UPDATED 4/22/2014 There are several irrefutable facts, based on my opinion, regarding our professional identity crisis that requires us (okay…me) to reconsider our current professional paradigm. 1. Interior Decoration and Interior Design will forever be entwined.  The general public will always think of us as interior decorators (not that there is anything wrong with interior […]

Suffering from Professional Interior Design Incontinence?


After 3 years of daily Google Alerts in my email box I continue to be amazed by the number of articles espousing the ease by which anybody can claim status as a professional interior designer- as if it is an accident. I am also saddened by the absolute dearth of articles countering this misinformation. We need a message to counter the proliferation of this professional malady….you know some P.R. we can DEPENDS on…………

Lamenting the Message Part Deux

From the current issue of ICON obtained here; http://www.nxtbook.com/naylor/AIDQ/AIDQ0113/index.php


Seems pretty straightforward right? Now what semantic/title issue has this organization taken a stance against? That’s right interior designers who claim themselves to be “Interior Architects” for no better reason than to avoid the interior decorator/design diva stereotype. ? Or are you now opening the door to acknowledge this title as a legitimate semantic alternative? If you are then come clean. That is a minor concern though….

Better yet which allied professional organization is a very vocal and major financial supporter of the anti-regulation effort against one of the major tenets of this very professional organization? That’s correct- NKBA. Now if you share my concerns (bloviated as they tend to be…there I said it again) you see the irony….which if you really think about the conflict of interests here you may see red. It’s obvious why they did it…advertising dollars. I get that but are you that desperate for funds that you tacitly support our sworn enemy…you know the group that claims you are an evil cartel. Or are you simply trying to keep your friends close and your enemy closer? If that is the case you need to fess up.

I did not want my most recent posts to appear focused on any one particular professional organization..particularly one that I am not a member of. I have crossed the line into obsession and I am sure I will hear about it Don’t care at this point.

With that I have two suggestions. Either decide what your message/brand is and focus on its public dissemination with laser focus and consistency or limit your PR efforts to your members only.


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER must admit a fascination with the AMC show Mad Men. It is just too good. So when I learned that the actor who played Sal Romano was in town promoting himself as an interior designer my interest was piqued….a bit…Okay a lot…..I tore apart the paper to get to the usually hidden House and Home section.


Turns out Bryan Batt is multi-talented. He is an accomplished actor, a respected author, a successful retailer and of course an interior designer. Why? Because he can be- even in Louisiana which is one of 3 states that licenses the practice of interior design. Guess as long as your mother and grandmother were stylish the title is a birthright.

I am not mad….jealous maybe….amused….heck yeah.