Interior Architecture & Design Seems To Be Trending

I can’t let this go. I have lost track of the number of Interior Design programs that have joined the herd of change to “Interior Architecture & Design” (IA&D) or simply “Interior Architecture” (IA). The latest example to cross my monitor is the U of Arkansas Interior Design program, which is housed within the […]

Interior Designer Turned Hero Turned Interior Decorator

I am sure you have heard about the airplane passenger who safely landed his plane after the pilot passed out. If not you should see this Apart from being a mind blowing story of courage and perseverance, with a strong dose of self-preservation, I found it interesting that the hero passenger, turned pilot, is […]

Every Now & Then

………….I come across an article that just irks me to no end. It shouldn’t…….but it does. “Interior designers coordinate colors and shapes to enhance the look of a space.“ Read more: Now you’re probably thinking….”Professionalinteriordesigner why do you care what a 3rd grade grammar level, 2 bit, fly by night, website says about your chosen […]


Seems like a good opportunity to promote the value of certification and professionalism in interior design to me. But what do I know?

The Wisconsin Chapter of the American Institute of Architect’s Analysis of Interior Design Legislation UPDATE

If you read my earlier post regarding Wisconsin Registered Interior Designer’s (WRID) effort to pursue permitting privileges via Wisconsin Senate Bill 303 then you will be interested in the AIA’s latest missive regarding WRID’s legislation efforts as well as proposed legislation to implement Sunset Reviews of Wisconsin’s licensed occupations (Wisconsin Senate Bill 541); First […]

If This Is Interior Design………….

and she is an “interior designer”…… then why would I want to be a “certified” version of this? Once again if we, the code regulated commercial interior designers of America, wish to establish a public image that demands understanding and respect we need to do one of two things; Establish a public messaging campaign […]


Unfortunately for us, the public perception of interior design is far different than the reality of code-regulated or commercial interior design.  So when we stand before a lawmaker or policy maker and we ask them to consider creating a law that regulates the practice of “interior design”, or we are forced to defend existing interior design laws from deregulation efforts, our message is less than cogent and convincing.