THIS IS “INTERIOR DESIGN”…..All you need is an app and an iPad TapGlance – Photo realistic interior design on your iPad “No Experience Needed-TapGlance does not require any prior experience with professional CAD (Computer Aided Design) or 3D software.” ……..silly me….thinking I needed an education, years of experience and a license. The moral of this story….errr…the point of this post is that as long as […]


Not one to shy away from design related controversy PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER offers this gem from down under. Yes I know my previous post was quite high on the ID profession down there but this one seems to have set us back a bit. Of course we do not know if a professional interior designer specified these fixtures or if it was a DIY job by the restaurant owner… the looks of the poorly planned corner urinal I would say it was an inside amateur job. None the less we are getting the blame. DRAT!

Here is the Huffington Post’s take on the issue…the comments are amusing.

Mick Jagger is rolling in his grav……………wait a minute…Okay me thinks Mick would be proud


Interior Designers say the darndest things. I could argue that this article, is really written about interior decoration by an interior decorator but that is not the way it was presented. What the general public will walk away with is that…”Hmmmm Interior Designers sure know their pillows.”…………………. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is told that our effort to validate and advance the profession beyond this stereotype will take time……yeah maybe when New York City is under a 100 feet of melted polar ice.