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THIS IS “INTERIOR DESIGN”…..All you need is an app and an iPad


TapGlance – Photo realistic interior design on your iPad


No Experience Needed-TapGlance does not require any prior experience with professional CAD (Computer Aided Design) or 3D software.”

……..silly me….thinking I needed an education, years of experience and a license.


The moral of this story….errr…the point of this post is that as long as “INTERIOR DESIGN” is perceived as nothing more than the mindless selection of furniture and finishes and randomly placing those elements in a space, real or imagined, then we will continue to be perceived as nothing more than furniture pickers with a flair for color. In that case we just may find ourselves displaced by an App.



But there is hope:



According to Martin Lawrence Bullard;

“Comfort is the hottest trend in home furnishings,”


Which of course means that the focus of the previous 10,000 years of trends was to have uncomfortable home furnishings.  Brilliant…simply brilliant.


Not one to shy away from design related controversy PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER offers this gem from down under.  Yes I know my previous post was quite high on the ID profession down there but this one seems to have set us back a bit.  Of course we do not know if a professional interior designer specified these fixtures or if it was a DIY job by the restaurant owner…..by the looks of the poorly planned corner urinal I would say it was an inside amateur job.  None the less we are getting the blame.  DRAT!


Here is the Huffington Post’s take on the issue…the comments are amusing.


Mick Jagger is rolling in his grav……………wait a minute…Okay me thinks Mick would be proud.


Who best represents you and your profession?

You can have this;


You can have this;


You can have this;



In Florida you can have this;




In California you can have this;


AND/OR THIS- Who Really Knows?



If you are fed up with the vitriole and petty turf and ego battles…………you can have this;


It is the nature of Humankind not only to use spaces, but to fill them with beauty and meaning.

Skillfully designed spaces can arouse in us a sense of purpose, or a sense of the profound.

In the spaces that are important to us, we experience not only a sense of place, but a sense of who we are, and of what we can be.

Thoughtfully designed spaces help us learn, reflect, imagine, discover and create.

Great spaces are indispensable for great creative cultures.

They encourage connections between people, ideas and entire fields of thought.

As design professionals, our knowledge enables us to form spaces that respond to human needs.

These human spaces are the domain of our competence, our passion and our work.

We use space responsibly.

We practice our profession with highest regard for engaging the world’s economic and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

We design for health, safety, well-being and the needs of all.

It is, after all, for Humanity, our ultimate client, that we design.

We shape the spaces that shape the human experience.

This is what we do, what we create, what we give.

It is how we earn our place at the human table.

It is why our work is important to our clients, to our societies and to ourselves.

It is the difference we make and why we choose this noble profession.

VALUE- “The profession provides leadership and utilizes an iterative and interactive process that includes discovery, translation and validation, producing measurable outcomes and improvements in interior spaces and in the lives of the people who use them. This process delivers economic, functional, aesthetic and social advantage that helps clients understand the value of their decisions and enables better decisions that are beneficial to users and to society.  It is recommended that the profession become a trusted voice and develop multiple research models in the context of physical, emotional and behavioural patterns of users.” 

RELEVANCE- “The profession defines projects at their commencement, and champions human experience at all levels. Interior designers and interior architects synthesize human and environmental ecologies and translate science to beauty addressing all the senses. The practitioner listens, observes, analyzes, improves and creates original ideas, visions and spaces that have measurable value.” 

RESPONSIBILITY- “The responsibility of interior designers and interior architects is to define the practice and the required expertise, educate ourselves and the public, and to position ourselves in the public realm as experts in the built environment.  The responsibility of interior designers and interior architects is to advance the profession and advocate for social well-being.”

CULTURE- “As a creative enterprise, interior design and interior architecture are a mode of cultural production. They are a place-maker that interprets, translates, and edits cultural capital. In a global world, interior design and interior architecture must play a role in facilitating the retention of cultural diversity.” 

BUSINESS- “The profession of interior design and interior architecture provides value to the stakeholders.  It improves well-being as a factor of economic development.  It provides strategic thought leadership resulting in multifaceted return on investment. Interior designers and interior architects advocate education for the ongoing benefit and awareness of the profession.”

KNOWLEDGE- “Theoretical, applied, and innate knowledge are fundamental to the practice of interior design and interior architecture. The confluence of environmental psychology and the science of anthropometrics are critical to the quantitative and qualitative knowledge that form the practice of interior design and interior architecture.”

IDENTITY –“Interior designers and interior architects determine the relationship of people to spaces based on psychological and physical parameters, to improve the quality of life.”

 Posted with permission of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers a partner of The International Design Alliance http://www.ifiworld.org/#Homepage


I would be interested to hear who you choose and why.


Pretty amusing until you think about it…….


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER wonders if Mr. Tascon had saved a cellmates life with CPR if the press would have picked it up and ran an article titled ”

Drug lord is medical doctor at prison

Or if Mr. Tascon had helped a fellow prisoner who was just been stabbed with a filed down comb shiv keep from bleeding out- would the title of the article be;

Drug lord is Licensed Practical Nurse at prison

I doubt it. 


“Flanged pillows themselves are a good design as they are neither masculine or feminine.”


Interior Designers say the darndest things.  I could argue that this article, is really written about interior decoration by an interior decorator but that is not the way it was presented.  What the general public will walk away with is that…”Hmmmm Interior Designers sure know their pillows.”

Which is why ALL interior designers are portrayed as pillow tossers- confirmed in this widely read (at least in my mind) Wall Street Journal Op Ed piece by friend of interior designers Clark Neilly;


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is told that our effort to validate and advance the profession beyond this stereotype will take time……yeah maybe when New York City is under a 100 feet of melted polar ice.



Kudos to Ms. Fairley. I wish I had thought of it.

Another example of “Interior Design” being portrayed as a hobby cloaked in a social event masquerading as a shopping trip.  But hey at least they are “green”