Turning Up the Heat on Registered Interior Designers in Texas

Texas Sunset ADVISORY Commission stands behind deregulating Registered Interior Designers despite overwhelming opposition.

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is trying to stay on top of the effort to deregulate interior design in Texas….which from the middle of Kansas is easier said than done. If I get any of this wrong please let me know.

Here is the latest update from the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission;


Here from page #20 o is the key sentence “Staff Recommended Action
Adopt Recommendations 1.1 through 1.4.”

I am not a rocket surgeon but I read that as…despite overwhelming and compelling requests/testimony to deny the Advisory Commission’s recommendation to deregulate interior design in Texas, the Commission is still hell bent on making it happen. NOT COOL.

To make matters worse Texas State Representative Bill Callegari is on the warpath to roll back state regulation of all sorts…including interior design;


So Texas Registered Interior Designers…..the sun is getting lower on your horizon.

Texas Interior Design Sunset Update

See page #20a for updated TBAE board comments and public comments. http://www.sunset.state.tx.us/83rd/eng/eng_hm.pdf Kudos to Kathy Hendricks.  The Texas ID profession owes her big time. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is not sure how, or when, this issue will be resolved but it is clear that if ID legislation in Texas is deregulated it will be against the will of […]

Hearing on Sunsetting Registered Interior Design Regulation in Texas

From a LinkedIn discussion on the same topic; There is a hearing in Austin on Nov.13th. The agenda is available here: http://www.sunset.state.tx.us/83rd/Agendas/Nov_13.pdf. Donna Vining (Exec. Director of Texas Association for Interior Design) wrote the following: “Obviously, anyone who wants to testify, may do so. PLEASE be aware the Sunset commission will not appreciate a lot […]

More on Deregulation of Interior Design in Texas

The Texas Sunset Advisory Commission October 12th Staff Report recommending deregulation of Texas’ Registered Interior Design title act is a classic example of the he said/she said contentions that haunt professional interior designers ability to establish and maintain regulatory parity with other licensed/regulated design professionals. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER offers the following analysis of key points on both […]


First it was Florida, then Virginia now Texas seems to be the latest battleground for the deregulation of Interior Design. The Texas Board of Architectural Examiners Staff just issued a report recommending that Texas cease regulating that states registered interior designers….

From page #17 of the report;

Change in Statute
1.1 Discontinue the regulation of registered interior designers.
This recommendation would remove the title act for interior designers from statute. The State would no longer regulate the profession of interior design or interior design firms, and all regulatory functions related to this profession would cease on the effective date of the provision.


PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER notes this effort by Texas RID Beverly Vosko via her MOVEON.ORG petition;


Since the TBAS reviewers recommended that if the Texas RID regulations are sunsetted (read shit-canned) that the vacant seat on the licensing board be filled with a Landscape Architect….because they can specify soft playground materials to keep kids from hurting themselves…..

More on this later. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER recommends that the Texas Association for Interior Design learn from the trials and tribulations of the deregulation efforts in Florida and Virginia…See my previous posts for contact info.

Don’t let the Sun go down on you!