The Right to Practice

The only argument for government regulation of Interior Design that has some merit is the so called right to practice as a licensed professional.  This is very well described in this article claiming interior designers should have dibs on government work that involves interior design- makes sense.

There are also some right to practice issues pertaining to firm ownership and licensed professionals as well as liability insurance and licensed professionals. I get that. I still do not think that government regulation of our profession is going to deregulate government regulation in other areas.  If it is an unjust or unfair regulation work to change the system don’t add more regulation.

Good grief I am starting to sound like a libertarian…..ooooohhh noooooo

2 responses to “The Right to Practice”

  1. There is also the obvious benefit of being able to submit signed and sealed drawings for permit as long as they are within a certain size limitation and do not alter structural elements. This is a positive for the independent interior designer that specializes in small scale commercial renovations or fit-ups. This is the crux of the Florida practice act which is better sold here;


  2. Here is Colorado’s take on the ID regulation issue;

    Click to access INDE_legislation_May%202009.pdf

    They clearly claim that they are not in favor of pursuing practice regulation. But they are adamant that Uncle Sam will protect the public by protecting us.


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