I can only assume that IIDA & ASID  & IDEC & CIDA & All state Interior Design Coalitions are aware that Louisiana’s Interior Design practice law is being threatened and that they are working together to one, form a strategy to mitigate negative fallout from this campaign and two, martial a concerted legal and policy effort to address the next ID regulation debacle….because if we do not get our collective professional act together it will happen again…..and again….and after that……

Note I did not say save Louisiana’s practice act.  ‘Fraid to say it may be too late for that.

Inform yourself here;


There is much more to this sordid story than the above video…I assume 2 minutes is all you can stomach.

Okay so fellow regulated interior design professionals…..prepare to get slimed once again.

Who’s next on this hit parade?



  1. you are right, I couldn’t make it through the paid shill of the IJ. I do hope that LA mounts a proper fight on this issue. They had one of the first laws, they need to protect themselves and the public.


    1. The LA bill goes back to the bad old ASID owning the title “Interior Design” days. There is language in their bill that the IJ will have a field day with. Best thing they can do is work to change the infringing language. Not easy I am sure but IMO it is the only way to avoid the same nasty legal challenge that Florida faced several years ago.
      Should be fun….not.


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