PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER must admit a fascination with the AMC show Mad Men. It is just too good. So when I learned that the actor who played Sal Romano was in town promoting himself as an interior designer my interest was piqued….a bit…Okay a lot…..I tore apart the paper to get to the usually hidden House and Home section.


Turns out Bryan Batt is multi-talented. He is an accomplished actor, a respected author, a successful retailer and of course an interior designer. Why? Because he can be- even in Louisiana which is one of 3 states that licenses the practice of interior design. Guess as long as your mother and grandmother were stylish the title is a birthright.

I am not mad….jealous maybe….amused….heck yeah.


5 responses to “WHO IS THE MAD MAN HERE?”

  1. Unfortunately these “celebrity designers” keep popping up, Lenny Kravitz, Cindy Crawford, etc. with just their famous name and good taste. The thing is, the articles are written by people who don’t know the difference. All journalists should be performing due diligence, however it’s apparently not the case. Have you ever considered clarifying this gross misidentification with the journalists who write the articles? As designers we are often “preaching to the choir” about what an Interior Designer is and the distinction from a decorator. Shouldn’t we be also correcting the Media perception and it’s incorrect labeling?


  2. Owning a decorative arts shop in NOLA is not the same as being a designer, nor is decorating houses being a designer. But as we all know we don’t own the term “interior designer”, so anyone can use it. Mad men all of them!


    1. I need a drink…..Have you noticed how much alcohol is consumed on that show? Anyway I digress and it is to early for a drink…..or is it? It’s 5:00 somewhere……

      Deseri I agree I am just not sure how to educate the press- isn’t that the job of our professional organizations?


      1. I think over the pond it is cocktail hour, but that never stopped them at the 3 martini lunch in the 60’s ( a more civil time). Perhaps World Interiors Day May 26 would be a good place to start?


  3. Great minds think alike.


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