Well why not?

And we wonder why we get no respect.


Ahem…….why not? This is not a rhetorical question.  If you consider that the majority of single family homes in this country are not designed/built by “Architects” but are built by contractors, builders and developers who have a knack for adding gables and dormers to stick-frame boxes then why shouldn’t Home Depot begin promoting DIY home design and construction?  All they need is a licensed contractor to pull permits and viola Joe and Susie Blow can “design” every facet of their homes.

Bernie Marcus…you are welcome.


  1. Well it was bound to happen. So does Ethan Allen ( although they have some requirements for their salespeople) and Pottery Barn and all the rest. Why shouldn’t HD get into this area. It’s only crime ( or is it?) is using the term “Interior Design” in the headline, which is may be really Retail Dive’s fault.
    The public sees buying home goods as interior design. It is time to stop thinking otherwise.
    But what of the 28 or so states that use that term in registration or licensing legislation? Do we up turn them? Negate it all and open them up for another name?
    When HD starts selling Architectural services,the you -know -what -will- hit -the- fan.


  2. Home Depot Architecture?…..maybe you should head to HD HQ in Atlanta and make this pitch…What most people do not realize is that a major portion of residential “architecture” has no architect involved…at all. It is done by builders and contractor types with a knack for adding a few gables and dormers to a stick frame box. No reason we cannot start a home builders DIY movement as well.


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