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So on one side of the country we failed to advance and on the other side we held our defenses.  I’d score it W=1/L=1.


“Deregulates certified interior designers, [Enactments 57-58; HJR 49 #21];”

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Virginia Certified Interior Designers Amp up the Fight Against Deregulation

December 14 Update Here:

The Virginia ID’ers are mounting a campaign of logic. Deregulating one profession, Registered Interior Designers, will in fact create a monopoly for another profession- architects.  How is that pro-business? Simple really.

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Yes Virginia There is No ID Clause

Or how limiting competition reduces “barriers to business”….

HERE WE GO AGAIN- Looks like ID is on the shortlist of professions to get de-regulated in Virginia……with the proverbial hair braiders? WTF?

Here is a blurb from the Virginia CID’ers;

What PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER does not get (at least directly) is how eliminating certified ID’ers rights to compete with architects on certain state projects is actually reducing barriers to business- seems like it is limiting competition to me- but what do I know?

Reduce Barriers to Business:De-regulate Interior Designers and Landscape Architects
The Board for Architects, Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Certified Interior Designers and Landscape Architects issues the Certified Interior Designer and Landscape Architects Programs. There are few, if any complaints in these two sections and very few regulatory violations.The group makes the following recommendation:The group recommends eliminating the Certified Interior Designer program and the Landscape Architect program.


And in California the voluntary certification of ID’ers seems to have failed…epically. They now realize that Uncle Sam is the only way to sort themselves out.

Interesting stuff.