Where is Rodney King When You Need Him?

“People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?”

                                                         Rodney King, May 1, 1992

Just in case you think the anti-regulation effort is fronted by angry disenfranchised interior decorators you need to understand that they are merely gnats on our professional backside….especially troubling is that shrill high pitched buzzing noise they make when they fly around our ears…I digress….The real forces behind the anti-regulation effort are the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) which can be confirmed at;


and the American Institute of Architects (AIA). As of late the AIA has gone underground regarding it’s position on Interior Design legislation. PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER is not a member- evidently membership has it’s priveledges. Anyway in researching this topic PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER has come across official AIA statements that confirm the AIA’s position.


and in Washington State, which pursued ID legislation early in 2009 there is this;


If you do not have the time to read the above here is a synopsis of the Washington state AIA branch which essentially parrots the national AIA position;


The education, training and testing of interior designers does not prepare them to have sole responsibility for the public health and safety aspects of buildings.

There is no clear evidence that the unregulated practice can clearly harm or endanger the health, safety, or welfare of the citizens of the state.

No other profession has a provision that mandates acceptance of plans by building code officials.

Several other state supreme courts have overturned similar laws.

The Washington State Department of Licensing has already recommended that “that no state licensing of interior designers

PROFESSIONALINTERIORDESIGNER believes that both of these organizations have funded anti-regulation efforts by the Institute for Justice (evidence for the AIA’s funding is hard to confirm) and as long as Interior Design legislation is the least bit anti-competitive we can count on these design allies to stand in our way.

This just does not make sense…or cents.

2 responses to “Where is Rodney King When You Need Him?”

  1. It would be a lovely world if we could just get along, but this is a turf war, and has been since the 1980’s. Todays economic issues have only made it worse. Instead of us ( ID) constantly touting the health welfare and safety issues to the state legislators, we need to focus on what is important to the states- tax revenue. What are the known economic factors within our industry that impact the state? In other words,SHOW ME THE MONEY> explain to the lawmakers that we are a viable business type, hire employees, generate revenues, including sales tax revenues and have a viable future. Right now all of the data is old and keeps pushing the HSW arguments instead of the small business viability.


  2. Interesting perspective…..I agree if there is no economic incentive Uncle Sam will be hard to convince that we should be granted his protection based solely on our knowledge and ability to protect HS&W
    THANKS for the comment


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